Pricing and Insurance


We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service with very reasonable fees. We discuss the options with you and give you an estimate of the cost. If, during treatment, it is obvious that costs are likely to differ significantly from the estimate we will contact you.

Payment for all treatment is due in full at the time of consultation, or on collection of in-patients or medications. For your convenience we do accept all major credit & debit cards. We do not offer credit facilities. At present we cannot offer pet-aid and we are not currently a PDSA practice. 

Pet Insurance:-

We encourage all of our clients to take out pet insurance. For a fraction of the weekly cost of feeding, owners can receive peace of mind. This does not mean that we make a commission on selling insurance – quite the opposite. The satisfaction we get from insured clients is that cost rarely becomes a problem. Most importantly your pet gets the best care possible. We offer information and 4 weeks free cover for pets under 1 year via Pet Plan insurance. There are many reasons for this:

  • They provide lifelong cover
  • They will pay for many extras
  • They have reasonable premium charges
  • They have a reasonable sum per year for veterinary fees
  • They rarely discount a claim, and always pay rapidly.
  • They will insure pets up to eight years old, and do not charge enormous premiums for older pets.
  • They cover all species.
  • They provide a fast-track option with 4 weeks free.

The practice policy on insurance is that owners are requested to pay for the bill and then claim back from their insurance company themselves. Once we have made a claim for your pet, subsequent claims made can be direct claims from the practice to the insurance company although each case is discussed with the vet. However, it is the responsibility of the client to settle the vet bill and claim from the insurance company. We do not charge our clients for filling in Insurance claim paperwork.