Vaccination regimes 

Recent surveys have suggested that over half of the U.K’s pet population may not be adequately protected against major life-threatening diseases. We all ensure our tetanus is up to date if we have an injury or a bite, or our holiday vaccines are up to date before we travel – why then do we let out pets vaccinations slip? We therefore strongly promote annual vaccination of all species. We are also mindful of not over vaccinating our pets and only give the ‘core’ vaccine to dogs every 3 years with a part vaccine yearly. Vaccination is the only proven method of protecting your pet from serious diseases such as distemper, parvo, hepatitis and leptospirosis. All of these diseases are present in the UK and are killers. Some such as lepto can even be passed on to humans if the animal is not protected. As well as the injection, the booster appointment is an ideal time for an annual health check, a lifestyle analysis, advice on your pets needs and to pick up warning signs of illness at an early stage.

Puppy, and Kitten vaccination package £78.00

We believe our puppy and kitten packages provide the best care, protection and value from us to get you off to the absolute best start with your puppy or kitten. We provide information packs for new pets when they come in for their vaccinations, to give a clear guideline as to the health and well being of your new pet.

Our packages include:-
*Puppies– 3 injections (to include a subsequent 16 week PARVO virus booster if required) – VERSICAN vaccine (including 4 strains of leptospirosis in dogs.) Courses can start from 6 weeks of age in dogs.

* Kittens – 2 injections  which not only include feline ‘flu and enteritis but also feline Leukaemia. Course can start from 9weeks of age.

* Full Health Check with one of our vets

* FREE 3 months flea treatments

* FREE 3 months worming treatments (including protection against lungworm in dogs)

* 4 Weeks FREE insurance link with Pet Plan
FREE Monthly weight and growth check  appointment


Dog Vaccinations

We use the vaccine Versican plus from Zoetis. This vaccine also enables us to get pups out and about earlier so that socialisation can take place earlier too. The puppy course starts at 6-8wks of age, with the second vaccination being given 3-4 weeks later. A booster vaccination for Parvo virus only is  given at 16 weeks when the primary course has been completed before 12 weeks of age (due to the local cases of Parvo virus reported we have decided to add this vaccine in to the puppy package at no extra charge). A ‘booster’ is given annually which includes a full health check with a vet.


Cat Vaccinations

The standard kitten course  (this includes leukaemia) This is given at 9weeks onwards, with the second injection 3 weeks later. Leukaemia virus is far more prevalent than feline enteritis, but still people are reluctant to vaccinate!  Cats are boostered annually.

Rabbit Vaccinations

Rabbits should be vaccinated against myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease RHD 1 AND 2.

They are both given to rabbits over 6 weeks old, and require 6 monthly or annual boosters, depending on the rabbit population in the area.(annually usually will suffice). As new strains of RHD have broken out in the UK we now also recommend vaccination with a specific RHD2 vaccine and have included this in all our routine rabbit vaccinations.


VACCICHECK is a simple affordable titre test to check your dog or cat’s response to their vaccination. From the results of your pet’s blood test, we can easily determine whether that individual requires re vaccination or whether their antibody levels against these diseases are still at a safe level, thus meaning we can avoid over vaccinating.
We are very aware of local reports of vaccinated dogs having serious vaccine breakdowns which is why VACCICHECK is ideal for owners concerned about over vaccination, but wanting to know their pet has sufficient cover if challenged with these diseases.

Owners can book now for a VACCICHECK appointment and discuss any queries they may have with regards to vaccination with a vet  during their appointment.