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book onlineWe run an appointment system and give 15 minute consultations which allow time for full examinations and full discussion if necessary. We will always endeavour to see you at the time you request, but please understand emergencies take precedent over routine appointments. We offer the same day appointment guarantee.

Our small animal surgery times are:-

vet consultationMornings
Monday - Friday 9am - 11am
Saturday - 9am - 12pm

Monday - Friday 3.30pm - 6.30pm



Animals arriving for surgical procedures or operations are given appointments to arrive between 9.00 and 10.00am having had nothing to eat from midnight the night before (please note this does not apply to Rabbits or Guinea Pigs who are encouraged to eat normally). We also encourage owners of rabbits and guinea pigs to bring their pets favourite food in with them for the day. All animals are usually fit to go home later that day.

Nurse consultations:-

Our nursing team here are available to perform minor procedures and consultations. Nurse consultations include:

  • nurse consultation2nd Vaccinations
  • Claw clipping
  • Emptying anal sacs
  • Weight/obesity clinics
  • Juvenile checks
  • Geriatric check-ups
  • Dressing changes
  • Dental checks and advice
  • Microchipping
  • Routine blood samples
  • Diet and exercise advice
  • Puppy parties
  • Stitch removal
  • Post-op checks
  • Rabbit clinics

Nurse clinics are run daily, so please specify if the appointment is for the vet or the nurse.

Visiting Vet:-

If a house visit is booked at least 24 hours in advance we can provide a discounted visit for a reduced fee of £42.00 for the visit. This may be suitable for pets who don't like travelling, clients who don't have transport,  multi-pet households at vaccination time, or if you know in advance that you need an appointment and would prefer to have it at home. Please understand this does not cover emergencies or appointments booked within 24 hours of the visit, and may be unsuitable for certain procedures - please contact the surgery for more information if required.

House visits:-

house visitWe do provide a house visit service, however clients are encouraged to be seen at the surgery, where we have all the equipment, medication and staff to treat your pet quickly and to the highest possible standard. The exception to the above is for the euthanasia of a loved pet. We are more than willing to visit you in your home to minimise distress. House visits are arranged around surgery times, unless it is an emergency. The best time is between 11 am and 1pm — operations permitting, or before evening surgery.
There is a standard charge of £78 for the visit and consultation; medication etc is an additional charge


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