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BVA/RCVS guidelines as of 23/3/2020 and BVC’s response to this:

  • We have duty of care to balance
  1. keeping people safe,
  2. stopping virus spreading and
  3. animal welfare

In that order…BUT human health must come first.

  • We have to ask if the work we are doing is vital or essential or can it be reasonably delayed without compromising animal welfare
  • We have been instructed by The Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons that Emergency and urgent care is the  only care we are able to provide at this time.
  • We are to use telephone or online services where possible and are working towards video consultations/telephone consultations
  • If you have a pre arranged emergency appointment Please wait in the car and call us. Do not try and enter the practice as our doors are now locked. We will come to you when we are ready. We will  take the pet from you to be treated in the practice and speak to you via phone, please have your mobile number to hand for us.
  • We will be taking payments over telephone/online banking where possible – Bank details are 20-53-22/70081175 and I am looking at Pingit app which works from a mobile number – details to follow.

Again as things are changing so quickly we thank you for your understanding and your support at this time and please be assured that we are doing our best within our governing guidelines to keep all your pets happy and healthy at this time.

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